Potions by Laurie Cabot

Laurie Cabot’s magick potions can be used during rituals, spell work or everyday - working it's magick with all the energy and intentions and the wonderful scent making it a pleasure.

Laurie’s Potions are created with blends of essential oils, herbs, and items that represent and carry energy of the intention such as stones, sand, iron nails or even hair and then charged with the energy and intention desired. Fragrance oils may be added in some cases to alter the scent of a Potion if the ingredients are not pleasing to the nose.

Typically used on the body and candles, Potions can also be used on other items to help bring about your desire such as doors and windows with protection, a paper or photo of an ill person for healing and so on!

Tradition will typically dictate where you wear your potion; most people focus on the energy centers such as third eye, wrists, throat, and heart with many including the back of the neck



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