Power of The Witch Incense by Laurie Cabot


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Only the herbs that bring psychic awareness are imbued in this incense and it will enhance your own psychic powers.? Remember your thoughts can be spells, be careful what you project.

These blends can be burned on charcoal, carried in a magick bag or placed around your home or room.

All of Laurie Cabot?s incense have a powdered wood base with vegetable dye for color to enhance the magick.? These wonderfully fragrant blends are mixed with oils, resins, herbs, roots and spices with some of these ingredients brought from England, Wales and Scotland, the home of our Celtic magick.

Each ingredient is charged by Laurie as the mixture is being created.? The mixture is then cleared of any incorrect energies and charged for the proper intention with harm to none.

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Diana Davis
5 of 5 Stars
This incense is just wonderful. It smells really nice, and it burn very good. Just leaving the bag with this incense in it it makes the room smell good.
Riley Corrigan
5 of 5 Stars
Power of the Witch is a wave of mystery In the first 5 minutes of me holding the bag in my hand my psychic senses were buzzing around the name of the incense says it all the true power of the witch is the psychic ability if you use this with power of the witch oil you will surely be granted with psychic ablity again you wont be disappointed with this purchase for I know I Wasnt- copyright 2012 Riley corrigan
Mason Stone
5 of 5 Stars
Laurie's incense blends are the best that I have bought from any Witch shop! I honestly haven't burned it as an incense yet, the smell is very pleasing however; not overly strong at all (which lots of incense tends to be). I have used it in a philtre which I made to help me regain my strength, balance, and reclaim my personal power in general. I can happily say that things are going much more smoothly (after just one day), I will definitely be buying more of Laurie's incenses!


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