Witch's Lightning Incense by Laurie Cabot


I ordered Witches Lightening a while ago and have two wonderful events to share! Firstly, my roommate has been trying to settle her Father's estate for over six months. Not having a great deal of money and time to spare, this has been a very difficult process for her. In September, she sent a request to the Bureau of Records to get important papers to finalize the process. The check she sent in was cashed on September 8th. However, when she called in the middle of October, she was told it would take another 4-6 weeks to process her request! That would mean waiting until mid-November. She used Laurie's Crystal Countdown to go into Alpha and then recited a request she had written that she would receive the paperwork before the expected time. I gave her Witches Lightening to sprinkle on the paper. Less then a week later, she received the papers she needed! The second thing was something that happened to me recently. I needed money PRONTO! I was in somewhat of a desperate situation. I had worked money magick but sometimes, the process can be a bit slower than we would like! I sprinkled Witches Lightening at the front door along with Laurie's Money incense. NOT 10 MINUTES after I had finished, the phone rang. It was a friend of mine visiting from Atlanta. After our visit, he gave me a gift of money! He had no idea that I needed it very badly! He is just very generous! I have ordered many of Laurie's products, from potions to incense and a few spell kits. I have had great results with all of them. The only spell kit that seemed to not be as effective was the Acorn Majik spell kit. However, I think this may have more to do with the fact that I am a Leo sun with Leo at the Mid-Heaven (how people perceive you) than the effectiveness of the spell. Leos naturally draw everyone's attention! I am so grateful to Laurie and Online New England for this wonderful service! Thank you!
Date Added: 11/04/2011 by Antonia Cambareri

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