Laurie Cabot's Book of Shadows (Soft Cover)

So far, this is my favorite book by Laurie Cabot. When I first got into reading her books it was sort of a “self-help” for things I did not have another way of explaining that I have experienced throughout life. This book brings great clarity, includes excellent guidance in ethics, is very educational, and has also provided inspiration that I have brought into my artwork. I love how I have noticed the spine of the open book emit an orchid-purplish glow, particularly if I am in a low-light room. While reading over this full moon weekend, the circumstances I experienced were completely off-book events that I handled well. I could say you would not believe what happened this weekend, but perhaps if we are reading the same things you might. When there came a time for me to be helpful in bringing people that live on the other side of the US together, I had the courage to do so and communicate what was information was sent to me. Thank you for writing this.
Date Added: 03/16/2017 by Juliette Cove

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