Laurie Cabot's Book of Shadows (Soft Cover) - Autographed Available

Juliette Cove
So far, this is my favorite book by Laurie Cabot. When I first got into reading her books it was sort of a “self-help” for things I did not have another way of explaining that I have experienced throughout life. This book brings great clarity, includes excellent guidance in ethics, is very educational, and has also provided inspiration that I have brought into my artwork. I love how I have noticed the spine of the open book emit an orchid-purplish glow, particularly if I am in a low-light room. While reading over this full moon weekend, the circumstances I experienced were completely off-book events that I handled well. I could say you would not believe what happened this weekend, but perhaps if we are reading the same things you might. When there came a time for me to be helpful in bringing people that live on the other side of the US together, I had the courage to do so and communicate what was information was sent to me. Thank you for writing this....

Witch's Moon Love Spell Kit

Cathleen Rogers
I just did this spell tonight! It was amazing and magical. The potion smells so good and the herbs even have tiny sparkles. There is even enough ingredients to save for later!...

Get Over It! Incense by Laurie Cabot

Mario Molina
This wonderful product, has gotten me through tough situations that usually linger in my mind for some time. after lighting this incense, and taking in the aroma, I move about my day knowing that the issue that was bothering me is fading fast and that the herbal magic within this incense is effective in helping me to return to a peaceful state of mind. I love this incense and will have it in stock always, thank you Laurie C....

Elixir of Love Perfume by Laurie Cabot

staci sigler
This is my absolute favorite perfume. I bought a bottle while in Salem last month. To me it smells of rose, patchouli, maybe orange, and another scent I cannot quite figure out. The scent makes me feel at peace with myself and sexy at the same time. My husband wont keeps his hands off of me when I wear it, not that he can any other time he just really loves this scent on me. It lasts for a very long time. I can still smell it on me when I wake up in the morning. I wish it would come back in stock online so I don't have to ever worry about going with out this scent....

Crystal Countdown Meditation by Laurie Cabot

Juliette Cove
Clearly, I had success with this meditation on first use. I downloaded it on the New Moon, listened once to get acquainted and listened again to follow more deeply. In alpha, I clearly saw a person moving a stick in a spiral motion in what appeared to be some turned up earth, which transitioned into a wide swinging crystal pendulum around the same earth, same direction. I don't have either of these tools. This went on for a few minutes, and then I moved on to other intentions. Very nice results for a 1st attempt. I plan to work with this audio a lot more to further my skill with it....

Power of The Witch Potion by Laurie Cabot

Leslie Kim Bock
This scent is awesome I get so many compliments when I wear this People say you smell wonderful what are you wearing And when I tell them Power of the Witch They say are you serious where can i get some So I tell them And I hope they're ordering it...


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